Different Types of Sarees -Ultimate guide to buy Sari

Sarees are the unstitched, traditional garment of women’s wearing as Party wear, Function, and traditional wear. Different types of sarees routed all over the earth and also best sellers in the online shopping websites and tradition Market all over the world. India is the biggest market for Cotton Sarees, simple and Pattu sarees. Sari is unstitched and Blouse is stitched top wear.

In India, different types of sarees of different states are popular which makes filler on India. Many states own their own designer sarees depends on their ethnic culture, tradition and available materials. Various types of saree designs are popular like Festival sarees, Casual wearing sari, Wedding sarees, Partywear sarees, Bollywood theme sarees, bridal wear, etc Depends on occasions.

Some wrap Zari on a special occasion like wedding, reception and etc. Most of the brides choose Zari on their wedding day because it gifts stunning and pretty glance to the bride.  Sari is one of the best-worn dress for the women’s.

The price of sarees varies and depends on types of sarees like Simple to Luxury, Cheap to Budget and Costly. And it depends on material and Artwork.

Different Types of sarees of Different States In India

It can differentiate based types of sarees material using for weaving and types of wearing such as Handloom or machine weaving, Colours, designs, embroidery works, and Fabric.  Even after considering all these parameters different types of sarees are different in states depends on tradition and their culture. The following are the most popular and best sarees in India suitable for wearing on Festival, Wedding, Party and casual.

Banarasi Silk

Banarasi Silk is a fine variant of Silk originating from the city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India. Mughals introduced Banaras Silk to India and Bollywood design sarees are commonly using these silks. Also, Women’s wrap this silk sari on a special occasion because it exposes charmer to ladies. Banarasi Silk Saree, the best north Indian silk sari also extremely popular types of sarees all over the earth as best wedding silk saree and expensive depending on the quality of silks fabric using for weaving and the most popular type of wedding saree designs in India.

Banarasi is one of the exclusively moving saree

Kanjeevaram Silk

This silk saree originated from Kanchipuram of Tamil Nadu. Kanjeevaram Silk also known as Pattu Sarees in south India and is worn as Bridal Sarees. Most of the women all over India especially south Indians wearing Kanjeevaram silks for wedding and special occasions. Price also changing depends on types of silk material using for weaving and also different types of sarees designs available in Kanjeevaram Silks.

Kanjeevaram gifts extra charmer to ladies

 Kalamkari Saree

Kalamkari Saree Originated by Telangana and Andra Pradesh which Made by cotton textile with Hand-painting arts on Sary. Natural dyes which driven from vegetables, fruits and minerals are using for Hand painting and also multi-colour Ancient Indian Art and Flower are painting on the Fabric.

Different types of are in world one of that is kalamkari

Kasavu Saree

Kasav sarees are traditional garment and most popular type of sarees in Kerala. Because of that, it also named Kerala Kasav Sarees. Cream color with golden border gives extraordinary looks, besides it describes the essence of beauty. Kasavu Sarees are the best types of cotton sarees names and also known as Onam Saree because of most of the women wearing this sari during the Onam celebration. As well as this sari is the most popular type of handloom sarees in India and suitable for a religious function, marriage, and party.

Manju Carrier in kasavu Saree

Sambalpuri Saree

This is the traditional handloom Saree from Odisha. Therefore, Sambal puri silks exclusively moving cities in Odisha. Usually, ladies in Odisha wrap Sambalpuri silk at special junctures, such as festivals, wedding and so on. Daily use of Sambalpuri sarees also available at cheap price.

This saree gives wonderfully vision

Pochampally Saree

Pochampally Saree from Bhoodan Pochampally of Telangana, India and uses ikat style of dye printing. because of that it also known as Pochampally Ikat. If you wrap this sari then surely will receive complements, because Sary encaptures the geometric pattern.

Pochampally saree

Paithani Saree

Paithani Saree originated from the Paithan of Maharashtra. This Sari is also known as the richest saree of India because it uses fine silk and handwoven techniques. Here, Paithani gives royalty and mesmerizing vision, therefore, Many brides refer this silks for the wedding and considering as best Maharashtrian sarees types.

Green paithani saree with golden and red zari

Bandhani Saree

Sari originated from Gujarath. Bandhani  Saree made by cotton, silks, crepe, georgette, chiffon, and satin. Bandhani Sari also handloom saree where the natural and synthetic method used for coloring.

Bandani saree is traditional saree

Muga Saree

Muga Saree from Assam, India. Here, Sari contains a natural yellowish-golden tint. This silks dyed after bleaching, also be hand washed.

This saree from assam

Mysore silks

Mysore silks, a traditional handloom saree, which originated from Mysore, Karnataka. This Sari has smooth silks with golden zari. Mysore Saree gifts heavy and rich vision, Therefore, Most of the ladies in South India uses this on wedding and as partywear.

Exclusively moving saree in karnataka

Arani Silk Sari

Arani Silk Sari originated from Arni of Tamil Nadu. This Silk Saree also rich in color and quality, therefore, Sari exclusively moving in the different states in India.

Arani is different type of saree in india

Uppada Saree

Uppada Saree manufactured in Uppada of East Godavari of A.P. Sari has unique designs compare to other Sary and also made by using cotton textiles which uses for formal gatherings. Marriage, and festivals.

Uppada saree is fabulous glance to women's

Chanderi Saree

Chanderi Saree is a traditional Cotton Saree from Chanderi, Madhyapradesh with silk and Zari. Sari attracts ladies towards and also it gives much more glamour to women.

Chanderi gifts ultimate glance and glamour


More different types of sarees are popular in different states in India depends on tradition, designs, material like Tant Sari, Jamdani, Bangalore Silk, Lehariya, Bhagalpuri, Gota Patti, Tie and Dye, Mangalagiri, Chikankari, Kantha, Gharchola, Batik Print, Kota Doria, Baluchari, Gadwal, Maheshwari, Madhubani, Sournachuri, Konrad Temple etc.

Fabrics used in different types of sarees

The type of fabric used to weave sari is an important factor that decides the price of the sarees.


This material produced by cocoons of the larvae of the silkworm. High quality is use this material, Therefore, this silk fabric exclusively running in the markets.

Silk saree is the variety of saree
Saree carries silk texture

It comes from the seed pods of the cotton plant. Cotton is the natural fabric as well as it is soft fabric.

Cotton Saree
Cotton material multi colored Saree

It is a combination of cotton, wool and silks. Therefore, crepe manufactured by using synthetic and artificial threads.

Crepe saree
Crepe material Saree



This is the synthetic weaves. Here, it gives a smooth and calming effect.

Satin materials Saree is a different types of sarees
Satin fabric saree

This fabric is lightweight, dull finished crepe with highly swivelled fibre.

Georgette Saree
Georgette materials Saree



It is a material, where wools in the net are stirred, linked or intertwined, therefore, there will be an open space between the fibres.

Neted sarees are unique types of sarees
Net cloth Saree with embroidery

Here, it is a lightweight fabric as well as harmonious plain-woven sheer texture. This material is fine soft and rich in quality.

Chiffon Saree
Chiffon materials Saree




Various designs of works for sarees


Stone works saree

Saree with stoneworks presents much great elegance and also heavily marketing.

Mirror works

Mirror work of different types of saree

This designing works used in most of the fancy sarees, therefore, mirror works lends extra refinement to clothes

Printed works

This printed designs worked out by painting. Printed designs in Saree catches ladies vision towards it.

Embroidery works

These are worked out by using threads. Embroidered garments exclusively running in all over the world as well as rich in quality.

Zari works

This type of designing works is done by using silk. Therefore, Banarasi, Kanjeevaram  Sarees designed by using zari works.







Wedding Dresses for the girls IDEA to choose Best

How to choose best Wedding dresses for the girls and what are the popular types new designs?

This is the common questions which most the girls facing if any wedding function, engagement function, or any party confirm irrespective of age from little child, teenager girls or elder ladies.

Bridal gown, Saree and Lehanga are the most popular clothing worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony. Color, style and ceremonial importance of the wedding dresses can depend on the religion and culture of the wedding participants. Brides often choose red color dress In eastern cultures, to symbolize the promising day.

let us check some the important specification to considered while choosing wedding dress for brides or function participants.

How to Choose the Best Wedding Dresses for the girls?

Many girls have been dreaming about their wedding dresses. They were five and needed exact specification based dress on their wedding. If you are reading this article, we know you haven’t bought a single suit for your wedding. No issue, here we have got you covered on how to choose a wedding dress.

Choosing a dream grown for a wedding can be stressful.  After all, at the wedding all eyes on you. Also, it is one of the most unique and expensive garments that women wear on her marriage. So, they feel like the pressure on. But what does perfect mean to you? For some brides like the ball gown, some go for fit and flare, sheath and Mermaid. The best dress is one that allows to be comfortable all day and enhance your look.

The choices are overwhelming for sure. Picking the perfect grown can seem stressful. Luckily we’re here to help you. In this article, we have run down your choices into simple sections which helps you in finding you’re grown of your dream- the one you love today.

Awesome gown for bride
Awesome gown gives stunning looks
Wedding sareee is combination of golden red and white
Saree gifts charmer to brides
Beautiful bride with lehanga
Lehanga trendy dress for bride on wedding

Wedding Dresses Styles- IDEA to choose Best Wedding Dresses for the girls

A-LineAline wedding dresses


A-line dresses are famous and complement almost all body shapes. They are fitted at the top and gradually become wider towards the base, “similar to the state of A letter.” This outline normally highlights, the bust while slimming the waist and skimming over hips. Thusly, it makes a wonderful choice for some women, particularly those with pear bodies. A-line dresses can go without much stretch easily go with necklines, waistlines, and fabric to showcase your best features.


Ball Gown

Wedding dresses suggests red ball gown for brides



The ball gown wedding dress is an eye-appealing and classic option for women. It is a full-length style that showcases your best feature and highlights the fitted bodice and skirts. As such, it is the wonderful choice made by the women as it ideal for all women no matters what are the body shapes. If you wanted to file like a princess, without thinking much, buy this gown. Because of its large skirt, the ball gown can create the appearance of a tiny waist. As we said above, it can suits all body shapes, providing the fullness of skirt balance the wearer’ height and size.

click here know gownsLuxury designer Gowns for womens


Empire waist dresses include a raised waistline that suits just below the bust. The rest of the dress then flow like a stream to the hem. In this way, they can highlight and lengthen the appearance of legs while featuring and characterize your bust. This makes ideal for the petite ladies who need to seems taller just as ladies with the little bust. Moreover, the empire dress also makes lovely maternity choice for pregnant brides.

Empire wedding dresses gifts charmer to brides


Sheath gowns are thin fitting dresses that feature a narrow and straight shape from top to bottom. The style is intended to tenderly embrace the body, exhibiting your figure all the while. All things considered, they are the best grown if you love to like a boss lady in your wedding. It looks fabulous on you if you are tall and skinny. But, if you have a straight body shape, be sure to define your waist with a sash. Also, if you feel trouble in walking in straight line dresses, then go for another option.

Best wedding dresses is sheath lehanga



Fishtail/Mermaid wedding dresses are a fabulous outfit that is molded similarly as their name refers. They follow the contour of the body before flaring around the knees. When you wear this dress, you look you so amazing and attractive. Mermaid is very sexy and enables people to stop and turn their heads. Opt for an unembellished satin fishtail grown and then add a bridal cape to achieve a fashion-forward look.

Fishtail wedding dresses

know moreDesigner Bridal Lehenga and How to Buy Best from Latest Collection

Fit and Flare

Brides who want to show their figure and don’t need dramatic outfits can choose fit and flare gowns. If you want to loose on the dance floor then fit and flare gown is perfect for you. It does not only enable you to move freely but also give an elegant look. This wedding dress looks incredibly beautiful when paired with sweetheart neck.

Fit and flare wedding dresses


Best  Necklines for Wedding Dresses

  • Square: Has a straight cut bust that connects two straps at a right angle and creating the sides of the square. Styles can be angular, and sometimes it may be slightly rounded. If you wanted to get, wider broad shoulder go for this neckline.Square neck good for wedding dresses
  • V-neck : It’s dips and down in a V shape. Just how low a V-neck goes depends on the design. So, you can choose how much cleavage you want to show.V shape nice for wedding dresses
  • Scoop: U shape neckline with varying depth. It is a low circular neckline that opens up the beck beautifully.U shape neck for wedding dresses


  • One Shoulder: Strap across one shoulder.One shoulder less neck designs for wedding dresses
  • Sheer: Semi sheer net or lace.

Heavily moving wedding dresses neckshape

  • High neck: Features high neck/ t-shirt neckline. It also makes an excellent alternative to strapless style.
  • High neck gifts stunning charmer for wedding dresses
  • Halter neck: A strap that sits around the neck to help hold up the top. If you want to show off your shoulder and neck, then use this design in your gown.
  • Good neck designs for wedding dresses
  • Strapless sweetheart: Neckline is shaped like a top half of a heart.
  • Exclusively moving neck shape for wedding dresses
  • Bateau: It is also known as boat neck. Follow the curve of the collarbone to the very tip of the shoulder.Boat neck gives for attraction in wedding dresses


  • Basque Waist: Waistline feature a low U or V shape.
  • Dropped waist: Features a waistline below the natural waist at the mid-hip.
  • Princess: A-line silhouette with vertical seams down the front.
  • Natural Waist: Waistline that hits at the natural waist.

Wedding Dresses sleeve

  • Strapless: It features no straps or sleeves attached to the neckline.
  • Long sleeves: It covers your arms and gives an elegant appearance.
  • Cap sleeves: It is a great and feminine option that covers shoulder without extending below armpit level.
  • Off-the-shoulder: If you need seductive appearance in gown then go for off-shoulder. It perfectly showcases your delicate neck.

Final say

We hope this comprehensive guide will help you in choosing the perfect wedding dress and give you wow look at your wedding.



Luxury designer Gowns for womens

Luxury designer gowns are Popular, Trending Fashion wears. Collections of Simple gown designs for women are available in online shopping websites and Market in India at a cheap price. This may be suitable for Normal Celebration functions or Engagement. But Gowns for Brides to use on the wedding day are costly depends on Designs, embroidery works and quality of the cloth. Gowns are trendy to wear on celebrating moments. Most brides have chosen gowns for their wedding dress.

Luxury designer gowns

A luxury designer gowns is a form of maxi that is embroidered, pleated, and long. In India, numerous types of traditional embroidery works are done on gowns for festival and wedding functions. Read on to know a lot more about how to choose a good one from best gown collections, average prices and latest gowns designs available on online shopping for Sales with Images.

Red luxury gown

Types of luxury designer gowns:

1. A-line Gown

A-line luxury desinger gowns for womens

As the name itself suggests, it has A-line hem. These type of Gowns are tighter on the waist and flares out the bottom. A-line Gowns is best suited for hourglass, pear-shape, and tall body structure.

2. Modified A-line Gown

Modified A-line luxury designer gown


Fitted on the bodice and hips. Also flares to the hem, forming an “A” shape. Therefore, it suits best for a pear shape, apple shape, rectangle shape, and hourglass-shaped body. The skirt of a modified A-line dress fits closer to the body than a traditional A-line.


Ballgown is luxury designer gown


Fitted tops and full flared skirt, forming a ball shape. These types have a double or triple flare and increase the volume of gowns. Hence, it suits best for hourglass, pear-shaped, and apple shape.

4.Sheath gown

Straight gown gives awesome looks

Sheath gowns is a fitted, straight gown. The gown emphasizes the waist as its skirt portion is fitted. These gowns are tight till knees and flared from claves. Thus, it suits well for rectangle and hourglass body shape.

5.Empire waist gown

Empire gown gives stunninglooks

Empire waist gown gives lucury looks

Empire waist refers to a style of gown that cinches at the narrow point under the bust line. The style emphasizes and great for shorter women. This suit for the pear shape, hourglass, short body, rectangular shape and petite body types.

6.Mermaid gown

Mermaid or fish tail gown

Mermaid gown is a style of evening wear gown. The gowns looks like a fishtail. These gowns are tight till knees and flared from claves. Thus, it suits well for rectangle and hourglass body shape.

Designer Bridal Lehenga How to Buy Best from Latest Collection

Designer Bridal Lehenga is Popular Luxury, Attractive Fashion wedding wear. Collections of Simple Lehenga Choli designs for girls are available in online shopping websites and Market in India at a cheap price. This may be suitable for Normal Celebration functions or Engagement. But Lehanga for Brides to use on the wedding day are costly depends on Designs, embroidery works and quality of the cloth.

India and Pakistan are Home for Lehenga. Lehenga Choli is otherwise known as lehenga or Ghagra in Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Urdu, and Kashmiri. Also, known as Pavadai in Tamil, Lacha in Malayalam, or Langa in Telugu. A lehenga is a form of skirt from the Indian Subcontinent that is embroidered, pleated, and long. Generally, the lehenga is worn as the bottom portion of a Langa Voni or Gagra Choli. In India, numerous types of traditional embroidery works are done on lehenga for festival and wedding functions. Read on to know a lot more about how to choose a good one from best lehenga collections, average prices and latest lehenga designs available on online shopping for Sales with Images.

Designer Bridal Lehenga Collection for girls in India for wedding
Designer Bridal Lehenga Collection for girls in India for the wedding (Source: Wikimedia)

How To Choose Best Designer Bridal Lehenga Cholis

For any women, her designer bridal lehenga is something most special and important attire of her life. She wants her lehenga to be beautiful and perfect that adds a new leaf to her journey in that dress. Besides, to find the perfect fit, every bride should know her body type and purchase accordingly to it. Here there some things that you have to know before shopping for your wedding lehenga

Identify your body type

For a perfect lehenga, first, you have to find your body type. Each and everyone will have their own body shape. So, the first step is to identify your body shape, whether it is apple-shaped or pear-shaped or anything else, and then try to shop a lehenga accordingly to your shape.

Consider the fabric

At the same time, the essential aspect of choosing a lehenga is the fabric. Net, silk, georgette, raw silk, and much more fabrics are available. It is always suggested that for curvy brides, fabrics such as georgette are mostly recommended. Similarly, for a slimmer bride, net type fabrics are advised to get a curvy look. Hence the selection of fabrics plays a vital role for a perfect fit and choosing your bridal lehengas.

Apple-shaped brides

For the brides who carry their weight on the upper body are apple-shaped. They can go for a broad flare or circular lehenga as their problem areas are their waistline, bust, and shoulder. Those apple-shaped brides can opt for a circular lehenga that has a beautiful broad flare. This will give them an asymmetrical look. Moreover, the fabric should be soft, and they can choose heavy embroidery on the skirt instead of wearing heavy blouse. Also, for the blouse, short sleeves and collar necks can be avoided.

Pear-shaped brides

Girls who have a slimmer waistline, narrow shoulders, and a heavy lower body, are said to be pear-shaped brides because their problem areas are thighs and butt. They can go for an A-line lehenga but not to add volume. Furthermore, they can also choose horizontal panels for their skirts as it will make their lower body look slimmer. Therefore, for the blouse – deep necks and small blouses are suggested.

Hourglass brides

It is the perfect body with shoulder and hips in proportion and a well-defined waist. Thus, it is better to go for mermaid cut lehenga, which is difficult for any other body type to carry it. In addition, you can also go for a skirt with many tulles and corset blouse to make it look like a fairy-tale gown. Short cholis with a sweetheart neckline and off-shoulder will look perfect.

Petite brides

It is quite challenging to find an ideal lehenga for such petite brides. You look terrific in all western outfits, but in traditional dresses, you look weighed down. So, it is always better to choose a perfect lehenga with clean cuts. Also, embroidery and shape must be neat. As a result, it is better to avoid huge motifs as they will overshadow your structure.

Rectangle-shaped brides

These people will have shoulder width and hips the same, and to define the midriff and waistline is not easy. The important thing here is to find something that can create an illusion of curves. So, it is better to choose high waist lehenga and avoid huge motifs. Moreover, wear deep necklines to make you curvy.

Curvy brides

If you are a curvy bride, then try to follow these steps for a perfect beautiful lehenga. The first point to remember is that avoid layering lehenga as it makes you look bulkier. Secondly, go for horizontal patterns that make you look longer. The shape of the skirt can be A-line shaped. Try to choose for deeper colors and stick to a single shade. Small and simple patch embroidery will do justice to your curve.

Check the fit of the lehenga

Always make sure that your lehenga grips you well around your strong areas and a little breezy around your problem areas. Therefore, go for test turns as it makes you feel comfortable and makes a perfect bridal lehenga.

Colors too important

Finally, the colour of the lehenga plays a crucial role in choosing your best lehenga. Always stick to deeper shades if you are curvy, and brighter shades if you are slim. For pear-shaped brides, it is better to go for a dark-colored skirt and for apple-shaped brides it is better to go for light-coloured skirts. Moreover, rectangle-shaped brides can go for different colours to create illusions of curves in your body.

Skirts, as well as lehenga Blouse designs,  are available in different colors like Maroon, Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Beige, Orange, White, Yellow, Grey, Purple, Black, Brown, Gold etc. It is also Also available in mixed colour as a combination of Maroon, Gold, Red, Green like red and golden, red and white, Maroon and black, white and red, red and green bridal etc.

Designer bridal lehenga in red and golden colour (in Multicolour), maroon lehenga blouse and skirts ( in Sigle deep colour) are the most popular attractive design for brides.

Different Types Of Bridal Lehenga Designs

Here are the Collection of 8 different types of top lehenga design for Brides. Simple lehenga designs for girls also suggested. Read on to explore the best type for your shapes.

latest lehenga designs for girls with Price

A-Line Lehenga

As the name itself suggests, it has A-line hem. These type of lehenga are tighter on the waist and flares out the bottom. A-line lehenga is best suited for hourglass, pear-shape, and tall body structure.

A-line lehanga is the most gorgeous looking lehanga

Flared lehenga

New trendy lehanga is flared lehanga

Flared lehengas have more volume and pleats. Therefore, it suits best for a pear shape, apple shape, rectangle shape, and hourglass-shaped body.

Mermaid or fishtail lehenga

Fishtail shaped lehanga.

The lehenga looks like a fishtail. These lehengas are tight till knees and flared from claves. Thus, it suits well for rectangle and hourglass body shape.

Jacket with lehenga

Jacket with lehanga gives royal view to brides.

The lehengas with jackets are the elegant combination. The lehenga looks good for an inverted triangle, tall body structure, and hourglass shape.

Paneled lehenga Choli

Paneled lehanga most people choose with red color

The paneled lehenga contains many horizontal panels of fabrics creates the flare of the lehenga. Paneled lehenga is well suited for the pear shape, hourglass, and petite body types.

Double flare

Double flare lehanga looking gorgeous

These types have a double or triple flare and increase the volume of lehenga. Hence, it suits best for hourglass, pear-shaped, and apple shape.

Trail lehenga Choli

Lehanga with highlighting works

The lehenga has extra fabric that makes a trail at behind. Those who are ready to carry excess weight can try this.

Sharara lehenga

Sharara lehanga newly moving lehanga.

The sharara lehenga has two big palazzos or pants. Best for almost all of the shapes that include, hourglass, pear shape, apple shape, tall body structure.

Price of Lehenga choli on online shopping and Retail Market in India

The first that comes to your mind when your wedding is fixed is the style and price of the bridal lehenga. At the same time, every one will dream of that ‘perfect & extraordinary’ designer bridal lehengas for their wedding. For some of them, it’s conventional pink or red lehenga, and for others, it is a specific design according to their wish that is conventional. But for a lot of others, the price of the lehenga is the primary concern, and everything else revolves around that. So, when it comes to bridal lehengas, it mostly depends on the design or style and price of the lehenga.

The big premium designers are couture Designers that are especially flaunted by celebrities and rich brides. These latest lehenga designs cost Rs 3 Lakh and above in most popular online shopping websites and best retail markets. Extra costs also included for customizations.

The high-end designer lehengas are pretty popular these days and not really in the average cost range. Moreover, these designs are refreshing and new and are great for offbeat bridal lehengas — the price range upwards of a lakh.
The average and budget designer bridal lehengas in the market look pretty amazing. The average costs in the market range from Rs. 20,000 to one lakh or more.

Simple lehenga designs for girls also available in the online shopping websites and normal market. Price for Simple Lehenga Choli are starting from a thousand rupees which are suitable for engagement of normal wedding function.


The top Designer bridal lehenga

Here are the collection of different types of the most popular and latest lehenga designs. Have a quick look at this fabulous catalogue of Lehanga Blouse and Skirts Design suitable for Wedding, Engagement, Utsav and Celebrations.

  1. Multicolour bridal lehenga
  2. Banarasi lehenga designs
  3. Orange lehenga with beautiful Gota Patti
  4. Black bridal lehenga
  5. Yellow bridal lehenga
  6. Pink and orange bridal lehenga
  7. Golden lehenga design for the pretty princess bride
  8. Golden lehenga with red accents and red dupatta
  9. Emerald green lehenga with stunning Gota Patti work
  10. Blue bridal lehenga design with Royal Look
  11. Contemporary peachy lehenga for the unconventional bride
  12. The quintessential maroon bridal lehenga
  13. The timeless red bridal lehenga that never goes out of style
  14. White bridal lehenga designs
  15. Chrome applique lehenga to add lots of sparkle to your bridal ensemble.


Suggested designer bridal lehangas: